10 Ways Becoming A Personal Trainer Will Change Your Life

For many people, becoming a personal trainer sounds like the dream career. You can be your own boss and you get to spend every day in the gym helping people get in shape and improve their bodies. But before you start your career in the fitness industry, it’s worth knowing the facts about the job that no-one ever tells you – here are ten ways that becoming a personal trainer will change your life.

You’ll get in great shape

Most people who want to become a personal trainer take their body shape and workouts very seriously. But as you strive to prove yourself you’ll become obsessed with sculpting your body. Depending on the job and the gym that you are working in it might be the case that you’ll get free membership and use of the facilities. Combine this with the amount of time you spend in the gym and it’s easy to see how you’ll find yourself in fantastic physical condition.

You’ll need to stay healthy

Of course remember that this is not only a benefit of the profession – it’s also the key to your livelihood. Staying healthy and in good shape is a prerequisite for any personal trainer and it is something that you will need to work on and take seriously. In the past it may have been the case that you could get away with a fairly relaxed diet and a couple of sessions a week, but unless you’re one of the lucky ones with superb metabolism, it’s something that you’ll have to work on increasingly. Especially because:

Your concept of ‘routine’ will disappear

Being a personal trainer pretty much guarantees that you’ll find yourself working at rather inconvenient times. Most people like to go to the gym early in the morning and right after work, so you’ll have to get used to these being your busiest hours. However, before you get too used to that routine, remember that you’ll also have clients dropping in and dropping out, so you’ll need to get used to dealing with a fairly choppy routine.

Coffee will become your best friend

As mentioned before, early mornings and late evening work are all too common. Many personal trainers find that the kick of caffeine from coffee is what they need to keep them sharp and alert during all of their sessions. You might need to invest in one of these.

You’ll become obsessed with the science

You’ll be surprised how fascinated you will become with the science of the perfect workout. As you learn more about fitness techniques you can start to bring them into your sessions – it will make your clients feel great.

Battle ropes are a demanding addition to any workout

Battle ropes are a demanding addition to any workout

Your washing machine will work as much overtime as you do

With multiple training sessions every day along with your own trips to the gym, you’re going to end up with a lot of sweaty clothes. Make sure that you invest in a high quality washing machine that can deal with that sort of use.

You’ll get used to dealing with moody people

Remember that there are plenty of people who really don’t like going to the gym and that they are using a personal trainer as a way to motivate them to go more often. That means that many of the people you are going to work with are going to be in a bad mood. However, this is usually only at the beginning of the session and as the exercise endorphins kick in, their mood will improve.

Your friends will become non-paying clients

Get ready for your friends to treat you as their personal trainer without offering to pay. You’ll have to get used to dispensing your top tips and being invited along to gym sessions with other people specifically aiming to get some advice out of you. It’s just the way it is.

You’ll need to learn the value of rewarding yourself

If this is the first time working for yourself, then you may not have experienced having to reward yourself. In employed roles you can get used to bonuses and annual holiday but if you’re working for yourself you need to provide that time. Make sure you set holiday aside so that you get the chance to relax and enjoy yourself.

You’ll meet some very interesting people

One of the definite perks of being a personal trainer is the range of people you will meet. People of almost every age, gender and background want to get in shape, so you’ll have the opportunity to interact with all sorts of characters. This is definitely a role for a people person.