Personal trainer salary in London vs the UK: 2022 Guide

You’re probably reading this article wondering “Should I become a personal trainer?” And knowing what kind of income you can expect to earn in a year as a personal trainer is a big part of that decision. Will you drive a jalopy or a Jaguar?

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing for Personal Trainers

You're a personal trainer and you want to know how to get more clients without wasting your time on inefficient methods. In this guide we'll show you the best tactics to achieve your goal.

How to become a Personal Trainer: costs and how to get started

You need to think about not only the price of the Level 3 Certificate training course, which qualifies you to work as a PT, but also consider how much time and commitment is required.

Personal Trainer Courses: All UK Qualifications with Cost & Location

How to decide which personal trainer qualification to choose? For everyone who wants to become a personal trainer, we’ve put together this complete guide to the providers and what qualifications they’re offering.

Vegetarian and Vegan Personal Trainers in London and the UK

Here's the biggest and best list of vegetarian and vegan personal trainers in London and the UK. Find a trainer near you who specialises in the plant-based diet for their trainees.

Kettlebell Styles: Hardstyle, Sport, CrossFit and Juggling

The definitive guide to the different kettlebell training styles: RKC Hardstyle, Girevoy Sport, CrossFit, and Juggling. Which is right for you? It depends what your goal is.

Fitness Trackers – Running Towards Slavery

Fitness trackers are everywhere. But do you know how the data they collect is being used, and for what? We pull together the different strands – data collection, privacy, surveillance, and economic coercion – to give you the big picture, and show you where this trend is heading.

How to increase your income as a personal trainer

To increase your income, you need to work harder at becoming the best personal trainer you can be. How can you do that? Take a close look at the qualities and skill set that make up successful PTs.

What's the reality of being a personal trainer?

The common perception of a personal trainer is someone who gets to spend all day in the gym and is very well paid for it. It sounds like a cushy number. But is it really?

How much should a personal trainer charge?

Thinking of hiring a personal trainer? Or perhaps you are one, and you want to compare your own prices to others in London (or wherever you are). Either way, the first thing to know is that...
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How many calories do you burn with kettlebell swings?

How many calories can you use up by doing 100 kettlebell swings? Or 300? Because after all, if 10 minutes of swings doesn't burn more than 10 minutes on the treadmill, it's not worth doing, right?

17 Top Fitness Trends for 2017

In need of new inspirational ideas? Tired of the treadmill and bored with the bike? Don’t miss out on these cutting-edge and innovative ways to train in the coming year. Research shows that all these fitness regimes are trending right now and are predicted to grow in 2017.