Why real food doesn’t have ingredient labels

This short piece from nutritional therapist Kate Knowler is a useful reminder to be vigilant when food shopping and not to fall into the marketing traps of buying ‘low-fat’ or ‘sugar-free’ items.

In her article Kate takes several packaged products and lists their ingredients. In the first, a bottled fruit squash, we see that in order to make it ‘sugar-free’ and still taste sweet, the producers have added both saccharin and aspartame. The latter being a known neurotoxin.

And there are more surprises. Strawberry yoghurt can contain carrots and beetroot in juice form. Well, that’s why I buy strawberry yoghurt, don’t you? Aspartame again rears its poisonous head here also.

Kate gives some healthy and easy to make alternative to these packaged goods and as she points out “Real food such as fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes, and fish don’t need ingredients labels”. Read the full article below.