#Fitness Trackers – Enabling or Enslaving Devices?

How many people do you know who wear a fitness tracker?

It seems if you're serious about personal fitness and engage in regular workout sessions then they are must-have accessories. But their use by so many people is now raising several important questions. For example, how private is your fitness and health data which is regularly transmitted from the device to a digital receiver, such as your mobile phone or laptop. It appears that many of the companies who supply these products do not have any privacy policies. If this data is stored in the cloud then this issue is even more unclear.

Another worrying aspect is the growing use of incentives to give up your heath and fitness data to insurance companies, supermarkets or even universities. Some insurance companies are now offering free fitness trackers on new accounts and give financial rewards to those customers who wear them and achieve a set fitness regimen. But what happens to the data collected? Will it be sold on to other interested parties? More worryingly, if this trend continues will health insurance in the future be restricted to those who enslave themselves to the wearing of these wristbands? For me this has echoes of prisoners on parole wearing electronic tag bracelets.

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