Motivate your clients (and yourself!) with a charity Tough Mudder

Looking for a new challenge in 2018 for you or your clientele? Prove it. Take part in a Tough Mudder.

Each year, fundraising fitness and health challenges are being thrown out at us from every angle: Veganuary, Stoptober, fun runs and triathlons. But nothing can compare to the gruelling obstacle course that is taking the world by storm. Whether you are swimming through icy waters, dodging electric shocks or just trying to struggle through the 12 mile mud-laden track – a Tough Mudder will push you further than ever.

The Challenge of Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is more than just a race that gets you muddy – it is a combined test of stamina, endurance and determination. There are 25 obstacles overall, all placed strategically on the 12 mile mud track of the various rural locations that this event is hosted at. From the brand new ‘Kong Infinity’ obstacle, described as a legionnaire-style challenge, to the icy waters of the ‘Arctic Enema’. There is even the small matter of running through a field of hanging Tasers in the aptly named ‘Electroshock Therapy’. Not only do you have to have strength, but you must also be prepared to push past a further pain barrier that cannot be tested in most endurance challenges.

Therefore, it will stretch not only your physical abilities but it will also take all of your mental grit to finish. Tough Mudder pushes your perseverance and resolve right to the edge.

What it can provide for Personal Trainers

As a client grows in fitness, they tend to struggle to see their own improvement. Tough Mudder will push your client's mental determination further than ever. Anyone taking part will also have to train in preparation for these types of events as well. What better way to maintain and secure a client base with the security of knowing that they will need your help in training for a fitness challenge? Obstacles include carrying logs, climbing up a rope wall, running for a mile in deep mud and even hand-over-hand barrel rolls. With such an emphasis on upper body and cardio, this challenge provides the perfect goal for trainees to aim to overcome.

Running for a charity provides that extra incentive for clients, incentive that may be hard to find when running for themselves. This will play a huge motivational factor in keeping your clients training to ensure they get over the finishing line. Over the last few years, we’ve found that people felt extra motivation to train and cross the finish line by having the knowledge that their fundraising and training efforts are helping such a good cause.

But this event isn’t just about testing your fitness. Already the course has raised £3 million in the UK for charity. This article is brought to you by the charity Feed the Minds, and we are recruiting now for Tough Mudders across London, to help to transform people’s lives through education.

Fundraising for charity gives you a purpose

Although you may gain some satisfaction from finishing a Tough Mudder, it cannot be denied that fundraising for charity will enhance your motivation to train for and complete the course. Feed the Minds, for example, support some of the poorest, most marginalised communities around the world to transform their lives through our adult literacy projects.

Currently, 750 million adults around the world have to endure life without basic literacy skills, with some having never even received an education. Our adult literacy projects have helped people overcome problems such as poverty, poor health, conflict and discrimination. With your help, we can continue to transform lives through education. Feed the Minds challenge events are vital to raising funds for our overseas projects. Each runner has a minimum fundraising target of £350. To put this into perspective, just £10 will buy a rural woman farmer in Sierra Leone the tools she needs to tend to her crops. Although fundraising can be daunting, you don’t need to worry as Feed the Minds will be there to support you throughout your campaign! And often, all it takes is a few emails to friends and family with your fundraising page, which we will help you set up.

Whether you are a personal trainer or a trainee looking to get fit, what better way to do it than for a brilliant cause?

Support network during your training

You may want to take part individually or with others, but either way Feed the Minds will provide you with a constant support network for both your fundraising and advice on preparation. Unlike any run, cycle or even triathlon this obstacle course takes teamwork and unity, akin to a military training course. You are not racing others but challenging yourself to simply do one thing: finish. Feed the Minds will offer whatever assistance you may need throughout the build up to Tough Mudder. To run for us, sign up here today

And whoever you raise money for, have fun training, and good luck!