Victoria Wood

How to grow your personal training business with email marketing

Keep your clients engaged and happy with these four principles: focusing on specifics, tracking progress, positive distraction, and increasing variety.
Simon Long

How to overcome boredom and keep your clients engaged

Keep your clients engaged and happy with these four principles: focusing on specifics, tracking progress, positive distraction, and increasing variety.
Nick Screeton

How To Become The Best Personal Trainer In Your Area

Being a personal trainer can be the best job in the world. You get to help your clients transform their body shape and get fit. But in such a competitive landscape, how can you stand out?
Alex Nowak

4 Effective Ways To Market Your Workout Plans

Selling workout and training plans online can be a highly effective method for fitness professionals to gain an additional income stream. Once you have taken the time to create a quality plan, how do you market and sell your plan to interested customers?
Joshua Douglas-Walton

5 Best Books for Personal Trainers

Books provide a fantastic wealth of opportunity to not only continue your development as a personal trainer, but also to boost your knowledge and sharpen your skills. You might even learn a valuable life lesson Not every book aimed at personal trainer is going to be revelatory, so to help you not to waste your time, here are my top picks.
Daniel DeMoss

Gyms Closed? How To Stay Fit During Lockdown

Staying active and fit during a lockdown can be difficult. However, exercise is necessary to help your body and mind in the fight against disease.
Simon Long

Helping your clients to stay on track: The easy way

If your clients are ever going to learn from their “failures” they need to take personal responsibility. To achieve this ask them to focus on their effort (i.e. Did I do my best to stick to the plan?). This approach, where they look internally to their own effort, is called Active Reasoning.

Is Richmond the best London location to be a personal trainer?

There's so much choice of where to live and work in London. Of course this is subjective, but there are reasons why for personal trainers Richmond is a top contender for the most desirable place to set up shop.
Julia Stent

Grow your personal training business on a budget with partnerships

Forging strong partnerships can help you reach potential clients on a shoestring budget. There are 4 ways to make your message count – 1: Define your niche. 2: Get them to listen. 3: Find your proof point. 4: Build ...
Jack Blatchford

5 ways to make a good first impression

Here are 5 battle-tested tips for creating a great first impression. We know that first impressions can make or break a relationship with someone before you have even began to know the person in context...

Motivate your clients (and yourself!) with a charity Tough Mudder

There are many benefits to signing up for an obstacle race, whether you're doing it for yourself, with your clients, or for a charity.
John Woosey

The 7 Steps You Need to Launch your Personal Training Business

Don't be overwhelmed by all the business administration jobs you need to do to set yourself up as a personal trainer. Just follow this 7-step checklist.