Personal Trainer jobs in London: 3 steps to get – and keep – one

So you want to be a personal trainer in London. When it comes to personal trainer jobs, London simply has the most and the best paid. Here are three tips to get you started in your quest to get one.
Tom Jankowski

The Myth of Digital: Marketing Your New Personal Training Business

“Go digital” seems to be a mantra nowadays, but very few PTs know how to take full advantage of digital marketing. Relying solely on digital, especially in your early PTing days, may not be the best idea.
Thierry Sanchez

The unexpected benefits of training with Indian clubs

Thousands of years back, swinging clubs was a part of the training of warriors. The clubs allowed them to train strength, flexibility, coordination and mindfulness at the same time.
Dakota Murphey

10 Ways Becoming A Personal Trainer Will Change Your Life

For many people, becoming a personal trainer sounds like the dream career. But before you start your career in the fitness industry, it’s worth knowing the facts about the job that no-one ever tells you..

Why a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist is the perfect combination

Many personal trainers have a basic knowledge of the best foods to eat for working out in general, and nutritionists know about amino acids, antioxidants, micro-nutrients, and more. Here's why it's worth searching for someone who is qualified in both.
Cj Swaby

How to become a health magnet

Our guest today, Cj Swaby, talks to us about emotional intelligence, mindset, the right amount of protein, common mistakes by trainers, what brutal training means, and much more!
Viktoria Borsi-Grainger

Nutrition advice for starting endurance sports

Training in endurance sports can help you to keep fit, reduce the risk of diseases, and even help ward off depression. But do you know how to eat for your best performance?
Jon Bond

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

What exactly are the benefits of having a personal trainer? Why can't individuals achieve their fitness goals without one, and is the cost of a personal trainer really justified?
Adam Stansbury

Plant Power!

The topic of a plant-based diet is a hot topic in the fitness community. Adam himself follows a vegan diet, and is looking pretty good on it. But he and his trainees move like animals..
Alexandra Merisoiu

How to develop your authentic style as a personal trainer

For your success and your clients' success, you need to find our own style. If you teach something that doesn’t match your personality, it won’t work, because you don’t feel it yourself, and your clients won’t either.
Luke Gregorczyk

Back hurts? Let me see your feet..

The contributing causes of back pain can be many and various, starting from tension in the feet, through misalignment in the legs and hips. A trained Rolfer is practised in spotting just this kind of disorganisation
Jaro Wojciechowski

Talking Injury Rehab with Jaro

London trainer and therapist Jaro, who has worked with Lauryn Hill, talks about his approach to injury rehabilitation.