Jon Bond

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

What exactly are the benefits of having a personal trainer? Why can't individuals achieve their fitness goals without one, and is the cost of a personal trainer really justified?
Adam Stansbury

Plant Power!

The topic of a plant-based diet is a hot topic in the fitness community. Adam himself follows a vegan diet, and is looking pretty good on it. But he and his trainees move like animals..
Alexandra Merisoiu

How to develop your authentic style as a personal trainer

For your success and your clients' success, you need to find our own style. If you teach something that doesn’t match your personality, it won’t work, because you don’t feel it yourself, and your clients won’t either.
Luke Gregorczyk

Back hurts? Let me see your feet..

The contributing causes of back pain can be many and various, starting from tension in the feet, through misalignment in the legs and hips. A trained Rolfer is practised in spotting just this kind of disorganisation
Jaro Wojciechowski

Talking Injury Rehab with Jaro

London trainer and therapist Jaro, who has worked with Lauryn Hill, talks about his approach to injury rehabilitation.
Ondrej Matej

Superfood, surfing, and single-leg squats

What connects these three S's? We catch up with Ondrej to see what makes a holistic personal trainer.

The Rise of Online Training

Conducting a business online is a necessity today. Whether you like it or not, consumers ask for solutions for their problems online, because convenience is king.
Joshua Douglas-Walton

Evaluate Your Training with Epigenetics

Every little bite of food that you eat can literally alter gene expression and your health. So, how can you make this work for you?

Personal Trainers London feature in Mi Business Mag

As anyone who's started their own business can attest, it's tiring work! Getting regular exercise and staying fit can really help you to stick to a new habit or routine on your own.
Preston Pilgrim

Boost Testosterone (Naturally) With These 7 Tips

Avoid Irritable Male Syndrome with these easy tips. Having low testosterone can not only make you miserable, it can be seriously bad for your health. Boosting your T levels can help you live longer, lift more, and enjoy yourself!
Ondrej Matej

3 tips for choosing a personal trainer

Many people want to hire a personal trainer but are unsure exactly what to check. What are the important criteria? How exactly do you choose a personal trainer?

#Fitness Trackers - Enabling or Enslaving Devices?

It seems if you're serious about personal fitness and engage in regular workout sessions then they are must-have accessories. But their use by so many people is now raising several important questions.