Plant Power!

Today I Learned how plants and animals can be good for our health and fitness. That is, eating one, and aping the other...

Our featured trainer this week is Adam Stansbury, the Plant-Powered PT. The topic of a plant-based diet is a hot topic in the fitness community. Adam himself follows a vegan diet, and is looking pretty good on it.

Adam started with a Level 1 Precision Nutrition coaching course, which gave him a great grounding in nutritional science and coaching, and expanded on the plant-based side of that since through voracious reading. For PTs looking to know more about a plant-based approach to fitness nutrition, Adam recommends the book Proteinaholic, the Rich Roll and No Meat Athlete podcasts and

Having suffered serious health issues in the past, Adam is very much aware of the contribution of what we eat to our overall health, and so is not just a grind-out-the-reps exercise trainer, but able to provide well-rounded coaching. And because of the experience of having his health trashed and building himself up multiple times, he's also able to provide the kind of motivation that only comes with life experience.

This experience includes bodybuilding competitively, and being awarded "Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year 2013" at the National Fitness Awards. So he knows something about body composition and about goals, and yet urges his trainees to think beyond that:

It's getting increasingly important that we all realise the impact that our daily food choices are making on the world around us.

The majority of us are so focussed on our own body image and health goals without giving much thought to those that these choices affect, aka the animals and the environment.

And speaking of animals, another fascinating thing about Adam's training methods is the incorporation of animal movements. Called Animal Flow, this relatively new fitness movement takes you through a structured set of movements based on, well, how animals move. The benefits include mobility, energising, and all-around conditioning. To learn more about Animal Flow, go to

Throughout his various online programs, nutrition coaching, and one-to-one sessions in Chelsea, Fulham and South West London, Adam says his mission is "to show men and women that you can get fit, strong and healthy on a plant based diet, transforming your body and the planet in the process".

If you'd like to know more about plant-based personal training, you can contact Adam at