@PTdotLondon hits 500 followers!

We just started this website a few weeks ago with the mission of bringing the highest-value content about personal training to you - the fitness enthusiasts and professionals of London.

We're preparing an incredible series of articles on the topics that matter to you, the first of which is about the core topic of how much personal trainers earn.
And to give you even more of a taste of what we're about, we started right out of the gate with some of the greatest content on the social web on our Twitter account.

We're very pleased and proud to say that we recently hit our first 500 followers! Our account @PTdotLondon has seen incredible, organic growth in its short life of just two months.

Twitter followers for @PTdotLondon

Twitter analytics: followers for @PTdotLondon

Bucking the modern trend, we only publish when we have something to say. And people seem to like this approach.

There are lots of interesting people in our industry, and we try to find them and follow them, while avoiding the robots!

Everyone knows that Twitter is full of robots, but did you know quite how many there are?

Millions of Twitter accounts are actually "bots"

Millions of Twitter accounts are actually "bots"


Just for fun, trying putting your favourite celebrity account (or your own!) into twitteraudit.com/ and see what proportion of the followers are real humans.

So check out our Twitter feed below and if you like it, feel free to follow us.