Talking Injury Rehab with Jaro

Our Featured Trainer this week is Jaro Wojciechowski. Jaro is a personal trainer based in the City, near Liverpool Street, London.

One of his claims to fame is having worked with famous singer Lauryn Hill.


Like a true professional, however, he wouldn't tell us about his former client. Her testimonial on him mentions "Rolfing", and Jaro explains that Rolfing is a therapy that works on the fascia of the body. What does this have to do with training? Well, apparently if the fascia becomes "stuck" in one position, this can distort our posture, pull on our internal organs and muscles, and even impinge on our free movement. By contrast, when these restrictions are finally relieved, the client's full athletic potential is unlocked.

Anyone who's trained physically for any length of time knows something about training-related injuries. Jaro says: "Often, what's needed, as well as rest and other appropriate forms of treatment, is a re-education for the body of which muscles should be being used." This sounds like pretty high-level stuff, and he calls it re-programming of the nervous system.

Jaro also works with more conventional methods in his personal training like weights, kettlebells, and calisthenics to tone up the body, increase muscle, and lose fat. But it's the other disciplines that he weaves seamlessly into his practice – such as the control of core muscles from Pilates, in which he's also qualified – that set him apart.

To get in touch with Jaro, see the contact info for his practice "Rolfing Fitsmile London".