Here’s the biggest and best list of vegetarian and vegan personal trainers in London and around the UK. Why? These days there’s a large number of people interested in fitness who are either vegetarian or vegan (in case you think meat is necessary to reach ultimate fitness goals, check out the astounding super athlete Frank Medrano on YouTube, and know that he has a completely plant-based diet).

If you’re serious about fitness you’ll realise the vital importance that correct diet plays as part of your training regime. A well balanced diet is essential to good health for everybody, but when you embark on a demanding workout schedule there are extra factors to consider. You need to increase your intake of proteins in order to build new muscle tissue, for one thing. The proteins with the most number of essential amino acids most commonly (but not exclusively) come from animal products – meat, eggs, cheese and milk. This is fine if you’re an omnivore and have no objection to eating animal products.

But it can be difficult to achieve super fitness on a strict vegetarian or vegan diet without detailed knowledge of food chemistry and bodily needs, especially under the strain of regular intensive workouts. However, help is at hand as there are a growing number of personal trainers who are themselves either vegetarian or vegan, and/or who specialise in training people on a plant-based diet. They serve as a living example that this type of diet is perfectly acceptable on a rigorous training schedule.

Knowing that it can be quite hard to locate such a specific trainer, we decided to help out by researching vegetarian and vegan PTs in London (our home turf) as well as around the UK.

If you know of more, put them in touch with us!

Ondrej Matej, vegan personal trainer in London

Ondrej Matej (London)

Ondrej Matej has over 10 years experience in training vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists as a holistic personal trainer, life coach and self defence instructor in north London. He has his own line of vegan health supplements.

Get in touch with Ondrej at


Adam Stansbury (London)

Former winner of Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year, Adam is an experienced bodybuilder and vegan personal trainer, working out of Chelsea, Fulham and South West London.

Find him at


Paul Kerton (Norwich)

Paul Kerton, Personal Trainer/Vegan Nutritionist & founder of the Hench Herbivore YouTube channel offering online and 1-to-1 coaching at Phoenix Gym, Units 1-3 Oak St., Norwich, NR3 3AF.

Tel 07546751252, email


James Flaherty (Birmingham)

Level 4 Personal Trainer specialising in Diabetes and Obesity. Vegan for 16 years and I help people with a plant-based nutrition. I’m also a Zen Yoga teacher and Kung Fu instructor.

Sabina Skala vegan personal trainer

Sabina Skala (South West London)

Strength and Conditioning Coach and Co-author of X-Rated Vegans cook book, based in SW London, Vegan for the past 7 years.

Sabina works with athletes from various backgrounds. ranging from MMA, BJJ, Rugby, Football, Polo, Cricket, Triathlon, etc as well as Dancers, Police and Military personnel.

More about Sabina can be found here –

Anthony Mann (Northampton)

Anthony offers affordable fitness based in Northampton, with a private gym and boxing ring at his home.

Contact Anthony at or 07388039948


Chris Benn (Bedford)

Level 3 Personal Trainer with a holistic approach. Plant-based since October 2015. 1.5 years experience in Calisthenics. Bodyweight Community Group Spartanfam Trainer (featured in the Evening Standard and The Guardian). Completed the Brentwood half marathon and the Tough Mudder obstacle course.
Call Chris on 07791157358
Instagram: @bennefit_
Emma Kaye is a Vegan personal Trainer in Newport, Wales

Emma Kaye (Newport, South Wales)

I have been vegan since 2005 and was vegetarian for 10 years prior. I love working with clients not only to improve their fitness, but their confidence as well. See my website for my qualifications and contact me to see what I can do for you. I’m based in South Wales, but also can provide online personal training.


Dan Fivey (Cheltenham)

Very established vegan personal trainer in Cheltenham. No matter what your requirements are, or what your level of fitness is, I can do everything and anything to help you get to the level of fitness you want!


Tyler Landry vegan personal trainer

Tyler Landry (Bristol)

Tyler is an established Vegan personal trainer in Bristol. Offers fully customised and individually tailored training programs, meal plans, nutrition coaching and 1-2-1 personal training sessions both in-person and online. Tyler also has specialty training and experience in working with clients who struggle with mental health.


If you are one of the following PTs and would like to give us more details for your listing – just get in touch.

  • Shea Jozana (London) –
  • Claire (Ealing, West London) –
  • Lucy Howlett (Brighton & Hove) –
  • David Lewis (London) –
  • Lizzy Ahmed (Nottingham) –
  • Jazz Alessi (London) –
  • Greg Cornthwaite (London) –
  • Tracy Kiss (London) –
  • Louise Glover (London) –
  • Bryony Miles (Bath) –
  • David Fisher (Bedford)
  • Ollie Lawrence (Manchester) –
  • Josh (Leicester)
  • Pola Pospieszalska (East, West London) –
  • Mike Kirk (Leicester) –
  • Sarra Moore (London) –
  • Darren & Georgie –
  • Serena Lee (London) –
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